Person / Painting / Landscape 
16mm, in-progress

In 1824, the reverend Jonathan Fisher completed his last large painting; A Morning View of Blue Hill Village. This artistic culmination of a rural polymath forms a bridge between 18th Centuray topographic views and 19th Centuray landscape painting. In his painting, Jonathan Fisher was engaging in a new way of seeing Maine. This film is tasked with seeing the Maine coast through his eyes and in light of changes to our landscape during the Anthropocene. This presents a tangible debate between questions of conservation, preservation, and possible futures for Blue Hill and other coastal communities.

Haukijärvi, February
16mm transferred to HD video, silent, 5 minutes 48 seconds, 2020

As weather patterns change, the body responds. Rain melts a brief accumulation of snow and we reassess our expectations of Winter. The effects of climate change become pronounced when a month named for the pearly luster of snow is drenched in freezing rain.

Saints of Circumstance
16mm transferred to HD video, 7 minutes 35 seconds, 2019

Inspired by the team of public and private efforts in Castine, Maine to preserve and re-plant their elm trees, the film venerates the trees themselves while remaining aware of a reliance on human assistance for them to thrive. Since the 1920’s Ulmus americana has faced a disease that threatens to decimate the species. After being planted across New England as a terrestrial elsyium and emblem of American liberty, and subsequently carried across the country during the late stages of Euro-American western expansion, Ulmus americana now stands as an emblem of our renewed efforts in environmental stewardship.

Of Pines and Pianos: Bryant Stove Works
HD video, 4 minutes 12 seconds, 2019  

The initial chapter of videos shot along the "Pines and Pianos" route described in Donna Gold's Country Roads of Maine. Bryant Stove Works marks a midway point between the historic mill town of Bucksport and the secluded railroad hamlet of Onawa, Maine.

Double Parcel
HD video, silent, 12 minutes, 2017

Between Pearl and Fruit streets, wind passes through an informal green corridor of Bangor, Maine. From a tidal river to the highland range the air carries ideas of historical and future industries.

Camp Fire Wood
HD video, silent, 12 minutes 54 seconds, 2017Available on every roadside and at every friends and family market or from your own back yard.

A Listening Air
SD video, 6 minutes 51 seconds, 2012

The last transmission of the fabled Oak Ledge Lightstation on Ramsey Island, ME. A guiding light begs its final statement, after Jeanette Winterson: "You don't need to know everything. There is no everything."